Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Well, that title has to get you wondering, especially if you know me. But I just wanted to Thank God for Morphine.

About a month ago, I had a kidney stone. 3 days of intermittent agony (or so I thought). Each day, for two or three hours, I would have an ache that transformed into some serious pain. The worst pain I'd ever felt. I toughed it out, it went away, and I made some lifestyle changes.

Sunday, I had a similar experience with my left kidney. Two to three hours of pain, that then went away. I thought I got lucky. Murphy was just toying with me. Tonight, I had to go to hospital for real pain. I've never vomited due to pain before. The admitting nurse jumped me in the queue because I was white as a sheet.

When the morphine finally kicked in, I knew what Heaven will be. It will be that true knowledge of the joy of the absence of pain.

Thank God for Morphine.