Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cafe Brit Tour

Well, the rain has finally stopped.

I took the opportunity to go on a Cafe Brit tour.

They offer a few different tour options. I chose the Coffee Lovers tour. It included a pick-up at my hotel, a tour of their nursery and their roasting area, as well as a tour of a nearby wet mill operation.

The guides are great. They bring a bit of humour to things. Some of it's a bit campy, but that seems to be what they're going for. Overall I loved the tour. Two of the guides are in the picture below.

Some Ripe Coffee.

The Coffee Roaster (think of how many cups that would make me :) )

Quality Control is important. Have to check out the beans.

Here's Andrew learning to make Espresso.

And here's a very artistic Cappuccino.

All the tour participants were great. We had a couple of other Canadians (Vancouverites, but what can you do?) There was a couple from Belgium, Russell and his wife who were from Orlando (great people). We also met Claudia from Switzerland and Monica from Italy.

I spent a bit too much at the gift shop, but hey, it's coffee. It was a really great day.