Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cafe Brit Tour

Well, the rain has finally stopped.

I took the opportunity to go on a Cafe Brit tour.

They offer a few different tour options. I chose the Coffee Lovers tour. It included a pick-up at my hotel, a tour of their nursery and their roasting area, as well as a tour of a nearby wet mill operation.

The guides are great. They bring a bit of humour to things. Some of it's a bit campy, but that seems to be what they're going for. Overall I loved the tour. Two of the guides are in the picture below.

Some Ripe Coffee.

The Coffee Roaster (think of how many cups that would make me :) )

Quality Control is important. Have to check out the beans.

Here's Andrew learning to make Espresso.

And here's a very artistic Cappuccino.

All the tour participants were great. We had a couple of other Canadians (Vancouverites, but what can you do?) There was a couple from Belgium, Russell and his wife who were from Orlando (great people). We also met Claudia from Switzerland and Monica from Italy.

I spent a bit too much at the gift shop, but hey, it's coffee. It was a really great day.


Jennifer said...

Hi David. I have to tell you that Paul is extrememly jealous of your coffee plantation tour. I've heard about it on more than one occasion!
Glad to see you are making good use of your time out there, getting to know the culture and what not.
Of course, you were missed at the trivia night last weekend. Team MO came in second. My firm belief is that had you been there we'd have taken the trophy home.

Take care,


Paul said...

Yes my biggest regret when I went to the Dominican was I didn't get to go to a coffee plantation.