Friday, 24 August 2007

I'm The Problem

One incredibly common theme in many of the organizations I know (either directly through my own involvement, or indirectly through associates and friends) is an unwillingness to take responsibility. The ability some people have to deflect is absolutely astounding.

Development Group: "It's not our fault. The Database Group didn't design the database properly!"

Database Group: "It's not our fault. The Development Group didn't give us the correct specs."

The line blames management. The management blames the support groups. The support groups blame the senior leadership. Senior leadership blames the line. No one is willing to say: "This is my responsibility. What I'm doing isn't achieving the results the organization needs. I need to change what I'm doing."

In my own organization, I've decided to approach each challenge from the point of view that "I'm the problem." Every challenge that I'm facing must first be met with an assumption that there is something I could do differently to overcome that challenge. I think I've generally approached things that way, but I've never formalized it quite like this before.

It will be interesting to see if it has an impact.

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Paul said...

It makes me think of "It's not my job".

What happens when it's no one's job but it needs to be done. Some step up and take it others allow things to fail...