Saturday, 25 August 2007

Vulgarity in the Workplace

Linguistic propriety has gone out the window in the workplace. Walk into any retail establishment and I'm sure you won't have to wait long to hear a clerk use some sort of profanity. Wander the halls of any large corporation and you will hear vulgarity used as every part of speech by senior management (yes every part of speech - there are those who use swear words as prepositions).

What a sad state of affairs.


Anathema Heterodox said...

David, I am sure my name came to mind as you were writing this entry.

I apologize if I was the catalyst, or or the fuel.

Leading my example should follow all aspects of the professional life, as well as personal.

I will endeavor to be the example to follow.

David Badilotti said...

Actually, the immediate cause of this post was listening to two cashiers at a local pharmacy. More generally, I'm certainly concerned about the language I hear around the workplace, but I certainly never thought of you in that context. I can't actually recall an incident involving you using coarse language in the workplace.

Paul said...

It's infecting as well, I found I've gotten worse over the years rather than better for chosing my words carefully.