Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jimcon II

We had a great time at Jimcon this year.

First, I want to say how cool it was to play Fleet Admiral with so many different people.  When everyone from kids new to the hobby to the more 'seasoned' gamers have a good time with the game, you know it's great.

Second, participating in the game designer's panel was both scary and flattering.  Part of me felt I had no business being there, as it still doesn't seem like we know half of what we need to.  But I was honoured to share our experiences in the hopes that they helped the participants.  Thanks to all who attended.  You were a rocking audience.

Finally, I'm very pumped (despite the exhaustion) about Space Tub.  I really think this has potential and we need to go full bore on working on it.  Everyone seemed to like it (even when the 'in your face' aspects of the game came out (and maybe even liked it more then)).

Jim, you rock!  Thanks for a great convention.

Next Year -- Fleet Admiral Tournament!

~The David

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Anonymous said...

Heya Dave.... glad to see you are still gaming.... havent had the chance to pick up some D&D since I left university... had a great time when we played in high school and at university... for the most part been just too busy with other things as well as not being around others who do game. Quite amazing the rules are at revision 5 already...remembering when 2nd edition was the big thing lol! Take care and be safe.... your old roomie.... James!