Friday, 21 September 2007

One Day More

I'm in my last day of my present position with my company. Next week I start a very different job.

It's a very weird feeling in some ways. I leave my present position, knowing intellectually that I've had a strong impact. I've helped increase our client's satisfaction with us, I've increased internal team efficiency, and I've helped an amazing number of people in big and small ways. However, I'm having a hard time separating all that from the feeling of failure for all I did not accomplish.

I know that, no matter what, there would always be more I 'should' have done. There will always be those people whose buy-in I couldn't achieve, those problems that I couldn't solve, and those cool things I couldn't build. But I feel that I should have.

I set unreasonable expectations for myself. Sometimes that pushes me to unexpected excellence, and has been the secret of my success. Sometimes it just leaves me feeling like a bit of a failure.

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