Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Problem is in the Meta-Planning

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I've been taking some time to clean up my den. I'm a pathological pack-rat, and this is no small task.

One of the challenges I've faced is that I tend to look at everything before deciding what to do with it. This makes things very time-consuming, but it also allows me to find the occasional treasure. This morning, as I reviewed a notebook that was on the top of one pile, I found some notes from the Leadership Training course I completed last year. One note, in particular, stood out.

"How do we plan to plan?"

I instantly recalled why I wrote that down. As part of the Training Session, we did a number of activities. We worked in small groups, and my group was exceedingly successful at the first activity. We jumped into the next activity with gusto, and failed miserably.

The problem we faced was that we hadn't really agreed on a planning strategy. We all just threw in our ideas, without a way to collect them, and without a decision making strategy. Since we were in a time sensitive exercise we ended up running low on time and jumping into an ill conceived (and ill understood) plan that ultimately failed.

So ask yourself. Do you have a plan to plan?

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